Agency MVP - Powerful Insurance Sales and Marketing Tool

Imagine an insurance sales and marketing tool that learns and grows more powerful from every lead and quote you put into it... This is Agency MVP!

Agency MVP uses machine learning algorithms to rank your leads, prospects, and customers based on their highest value and the right time to contact them for a quote. Most Valuable Prospects are ranked based on higher premium, multi-line opportunities, higher commission potential, competitive rates, and other key factors. Timing is based on factors such as claim fall-offs, renewal dates, household member analysis, and more. When high value ranking and optimal timing are combined, your top prospects rise to the top and give you an incredible selling advantage over your competition!

Intelligent SalesProspects are ranked according to value and best time to contact.

Smart PipelineEfficiently build a massive pipeline for future business.

Integrated MarketingImport your marketing leads and quickly start selling.

Powerful QuotingEmail or text quotes with competitive comparisons and track instantly.

Harness the power of Agency MVP!

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Intelligent Sales

Close your Most Valuable Prospects ranked by Agency MVP's powerful algorithms.

Smart Pipeline

Manage your prospects more efficiently to build a massive pipeline for future business.

Fast, Flexible Quotes

Create quotes and competitive comparisons. Deliver via email or text. Track instantly.

Fast Access to Texas DMV Data

Now integrated into Agency MVP! Quickly find DL and DOB data for every household.

Driver Discovery & Lookup

Eliminate 3rd party tools, save money and time with integrated driver lookup & discovery.

Full-featured Texting & Chat

Communicate effectively with prospects using Agency MVP's SMS text capabilities.

Call & Sales Note Management

Quickly enter sales notes, log a call, or schedule a call. Agency MVP handles the rest!

Sales Activity & History Tracking

Track staff activity and vew a status and action history for all worked business.

Free Sales Success Training & Tools

Train your staff with weekly webinars from top producers. Get scripts, tips, and more.

Coming to Agency MVP in 2018

Marketing activity mapping coming soon to Agency MVP shows where you are competitive

Marketing Activity Reports

See real-time and historical reports on where you are competitive!

Motor Vehicle Integration

A cross-selling gold mine! See every vehicle registered per household.

Power Dialer

Simple-to-use dialer to streamline your call flow even more.

Advanced Staff Activity Reports

Monitor and motivate your agency to increase performance and sales.

Multi-Line Quote Applications

Soon, Agency MVP will also include Life, Specialty, Umbrella, and more!

New Business Task Manager

Integrated “new business requirement checklist” to streamline office productivity.

Live Lead Vendor Integration

Direct integration with online lead providers such as QuoteWizard.

Defector Tracking

Agency MVP will track competitor rates and alert you when it’s time to call a defector.

Smart Direct Mail, Drip Text, & Email Marketing

Stop carpet-bombing entire zip codes. Target consumers strategically and market where you are competitive!

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  • Sam

    Everyone is going to have to use Agency MVP. If they don't, they will lose.

    Sam Schlehuber Farmers Agent
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